Perhaps the tapering period can best be described as a “fine tuning” of the body and mind in order to produce a championship performance. If you have been training with great focus, and taking care of the little things, then your taper will be a successful one. The bottom line is; IF YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL SWIM FAST, THEN YOU WILL SWIM FAST! CREATE A COCOON OF QUIET CONFIDENCE. YOU ARE ALL THAT MATTERS!

The main physiological goal of the taper is to maintain all of the aerobic gains that have occurred during the season, while at the same time allowing for improvements in the anaerobic and non aerobic training systems to evolve. This is why we divide the year into training phases, with an increase in sprinting towards the end of the dual meet season. Hence, our more focused attention on quality sets during the last few weeks prior to the taper period.

By reducing endurance training, working more diligently on pacing and percent efforts, and placing an emphasis on resting and focused sprint work we allow your body to “super-compensate.” The result is a maximization of the improvements in the anaerobic and non aerobic systems. The goal is to rest long enough to allow for the super-compensation effect to occur, while at the same time maintaining the aerobic base that you have worked so hard to develop and maintain.

Be aware of your STROKE COUNT, and you may also sense an increase in your STROKING POWER. This may take some time, and it is not unusual to feel “out of sorts” during the tapering process. STAY PATIENT!

We will gradually reduce training yardage by about 10% per day. In addition, you will need to remain very focused on your technique, starts, turns, breakouts, race strategy, and psychological preparation. PLACE YOURSELF AT THE MAAC CHAMPIONSHIP RIGHT NOW! EVERYTHING YOU DO IS WITH A RIGHT MIND.

By preparing mentally before the competition, you will be ready for whatever comes your way during it, and resolve NOT TO LET ANYTHING GET IN YOUR WAY OF AN AWESOME PERFORMANCE.


Shaving will automatically allow you to produce a faster swim. Research has shown that by shaving the hair follicles, a significantly lower number of neurological messages are sent to the brain, allowing for an increase in motor output. In addition, shaving also accomplishes the following;

  1. Increases hand speed
  2. Allows for smoother and faster push offs
  3. Improves coordination
  4. Increases VO2 Max
  5. Creates a heightened sense of well-being.