Self-Esteem Development

What is Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem, self-efficacy, self-concept, and self-image are generalizable terms for the same thing. That is, how we feel about ourselves and our ability to positively impact our lives, and the world. And, the way we feel about ourselves may be different in certain areas: Academic…Athletic…Social…Emotional…Physical…Family…Overall….

How is self-esteem cultivated?

Basically, we acquire feelings of self-worth two ways; through our personal experiences and our interpretations of them, and from the ways in which others react to us. At times we can either become our own worst enemy, or place too much emphasis on what others think.

How does Self-Esteem coaching work?

The basic goal of our coaching sessions will be to support you in developing your own competence and degree of self-acceptance. This necessarily includes strategies to help you become less judgmental, less critical, and less self-defeating, and become more forgiving, accepting, and encouraging. The role of your coach is to provide support, encouragement, challenge, hope, and utilization of your many strengths.

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