Parent Life Coaching began with one question asked by psychologist Donald Clifton: What would happen if we studied what is right with people? As parents you instinctively know that raising children is much more than fixing what’s wrong with them. It’s about identifying and nurturing their strongest qualities, and helping them find ways to best live out these strengths. However, personal, social and peer influences sometimes take kids off track. If you were asked what it is you want most for your child, one the first words you would use is “happiness.” Yet what we teach in school or on the athletic field sometimes deviates from that happiness goal as the pressures of success supersede your child’s well-being.

These pressures on your child (oftentimes self-imposed) create stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. This leads to self-doubt. As we all know, when we doubt our abilities or feel overwhelmed ourselves, we are certainly not happy or engaged with life the way we’d like to be. So, what can you do as a parent to ensure that your child is flourishing?

Known as strengths-based approaches (or discovering one’s unique signature strengths), positive interventions with children, young adults, and adults have resulted in some impressive findings, including significant increases in:

  • Well-Being
  • Optimism
  • Hope for the Future
  • Resiliency
  • Motivation
  • High Performance

In fact, research has consistently shown people who experience the most positive emotions engage in more challenging activities, which leads to greater levels of self-esteem, confidence, and happiness. These increases in positive emotion lead to increases in personal resources, thus enabling young people to literally discover within themselves a more creative, knowledgeable, resilient, and healthy individual.

Thompson Coaching and Development Group LLC, specializes in strengths-based coaching for adolescents and young adults, as well as for their parents. We utilize proven strategies that focus on identifying roadblocks to growth and fulfillment, discovering each person’s unique strengths and talents, and then exploring methods of applying these unique strengths and talents in proactive ways. I do this by creating a safe, caring, and open environment in which to identify and explore. My passion lies in creating challenge (something we all need in order to flourish), teaching resilience, and instilling self-esteem.

What is required from your child is a genuine commitment to the process (including an openness to being held accountable), and a desire to truly flourish in their lives. We start where your child is, and go from there.

Perhaps you would like coaching around being a more confident, intuitive parent? My coaching can help with that too!

As a former school counselor (10 years), adjunct professor, group facilitator, and elite level swimming coach (30 years) I understand the many challenges that young people face. I also recognize that your busy life as a parent coupled with the ever-independent life of your adolescent can sometimes make it difficult to ensure that he/she is on the right track cognitively or emotionally. My strengths-based coaching is based on decades of research within the positive psychology field. It will provide solution-focused strategies for gaining self-confidence, identifying and engaging unique strengths and talents, and making decisions that will lead to flourishing and happiness.

HAVE QUESTIONS OR WANT TO GET STARTED? Call me at (585)-698-4905 or E-mail me at for a free 20-minute (PLUS*) introductory session. Coaching can take place over the phone or face to face in my office.

* 20 minutes (free) PLUS allows for a free 20 minute consultation to see if coaching is right for you, your child, and the coach. Assuming a positive commitment from all parties, we will move directly into our first 50-75 minute coaching session.

“Raising children…is vastly more than fixing what is wrong with them. It is about identifying and nurturing their strongest qualities, what they own and are best at, and helping them find niches in which they can best live out these strengths”

Martin Seligman