Motivational Life Coaching: Connect deeply with your natural strengths

“What is right with you” is the singular focus in Motivational Life Coaching. Based on research from Martin Seligman, Christopher Peterson, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Carol Dweck, Donald Clifton and the Gallup Organization, you can be taught to connect deeply with your inherent strengths, leading to increased feelings of self-worth, confidence, productivity, hope, optimism, and happiness.

Thompson Coaching and Development Group’s Motivational Life Coaching Curriculum include:

  • Identifying and owning your unique Signature Strengths.
  • Learning how to apply your Signature Strengths in every area of your life.
  • Identifying the roadblocks that limit your potential. (Self-doubt, for instance), and finding the confidence to move far beyond them.

Our coaching sessions will be led by you, since you have the answers already inside of you. I am simply a guide to help you manifest your true self. As you grow in confidence, you will learn to go outside of your comfort zone and discover all of your unique strengths and passions. The next step is to develop strategies for applying your strengths every day, in every way.

Individual sessions are offered in-person at my office, or via telephone and Skype.

 Questions or want to get started? Call me at (585)-698-4905 or E-mail at for a free 20 minute PLUS* consultation.

*20 minutes (free) PLUS allows for a free 20 minute consultation to see if coaching is right for you, and the coach. Assuming a positive commitment from both parties, we will move directly into our first coaching session.

“Be guided by the best that’s within you. Ask, ‘what would my highest self do?’, and you’ll know the right course. Trust yourself.