Managing the Spaces in Your Stroke

To swim like a world class athlete, you must learn to “manage the decceleration spaces” within each stroke cycle. This can be done in several ways;

1. Your comfort level with the water is crucial. many swimmers, including world-class one’s, report feeling anxious when submerged. You can work on increasing your comfort level by keeping your chin on the water in between sets, or by letting the water flow over your mouth while in the shower. The more comfortable you can be while training, the more relaxed your muscles will be, and the easier and more fluid your swim.

2. Proper body alignment and body posture.

3. Your ability to balance your body along the short and long axis

4. The tightness of your core.

5. Your ability to swim efficiently.

One thing that has become prevalent in today’s best swimmers is their ability to maintain constant velocity generated by a quick tempo, and dominant kick. Try experimenting with going fast at various rhythms and cadences, using your arms to help your body rotate. When you can be successful with this you will be utilizing the five criteria listed above, and when racing or training, will be the swimmer who slows down the least when recovering.