Habit Control

Our clinical hypnosis interventions tap into the unique coping skills and innate abilities that you already possess. If you have the desire to quit smoking, lose weight, eliminate bad habits, sleep better, manage your pain, relieve your anxiety,  or recover from injury more quickly, our services will support you in experiencing enhanced confidence and clarity.

Clinical hypnosis is a tool, not a therapy in its own right. It offers no miracle cure other than supporting you in accessing the cures you instinctively know, deep down, that will work. These cures are already inside of you! Our hypnosis sessions (if desired) are uniquely designed to guide you in accessing these internal resources and helping you to recognize that the hurtful behaviors you may be using to cope with distress or pain (over-eating, smoking, nail biting, anxiety, etc…) are no longer needed. In by-passing your conscious awareness, and speaking directly with your unconscious mind, we can provide personalized strategies, meaningful metaphors, positive reframing, and empowerment suggestions that help you take control of your life.

Rochester Hypnosis

Questions or want to get started? Call or email for a free 20 minute (PLUS) consultation to see if hypnosis could be right for you. Assuming a positive commitment from both client and coach, we will move directly into our first minute session.