Clinical Hypnosis

Habit Control, Weight Loss, Injury Recovery and Pain Management, Self-Confidence, and Positive Psychology strategies for Enhanced Sport Performance and Creativity

Enhancing your mental skills involves not only accessing your personal strengths, but also in discovering your potential. This potential emanates from the manifestation of the personal resources that you already have inside, but may not yet recognize. These are the inner resources that you will (if desired) come to know well and appreciate through clinical hypnosis and positive psychology interventions. We operate from the deeply held belief that your answers for your life are already inside of you. Clinical Hypnosis allows you to access these answers in a safe, caring, and confidential environment. We also believe that what we focus on has profound influence on our mood, perceptions of self, others, and our environment, and that when we are able to shift this focus, we access our inherent creativity, and see new possibilities that have been there all along.  In the hypnotic trance state we begin to self-enhance and self-perpetuate, in effect, creating our future in advance.

The role of the clinical or sport hypnosis practitioner is to act as a personal guide to assist you in by-passing your conscious understanding (worry, self-doubt, to do lists, etc..) and deeply connect with your innate ability to grow and heal on your own, as you see new possibilities and access ones that simply need permission to manifest. As a 2001 graduate of the Milton Erickson Institute, and member of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, my clinical training will guide you in realizing an increased ability to use your imagination, and see possibilities that you may have never even considered. The process is simple, flexible and personalized.

Benefits of Clinical Hypnosis include:

  • Enhanced imagination
  • Increased confidence
  • Habit control
  • Mobilized energy
  • Increased motivation
  • Inner strength development and resource acquisition

A hypnotic state can be accessed by the guidance and support of a trained hypnotherapist, or it can be accessed on your own. Known as self-hypnosis, achieving this state can be taught and used (if desired) at any time. In fact, we recommend that you add this method to your weekly practice. Trance states can be successfully entered lightly or deeply, and with profound results.


Hypnosis for Athletes and Artists

In bypassing your conscious awareness and going directly to your unconscious understanding, you will learn to overcome obstacles and create your success in advance. Hypnosis is not a treatment in its own right. It can be utilized simply to enhance one’s experience, imagination, though patterns, and sport specific technique. The decision to use hypnosis to support your performance is yours to make. Common trance like characteristics include feeling relaxed, experiencing higher levels of concentration and creativity (so you can really see the possibilities!) and the opportunity to accept (if desired) powerful suggestions.

  • Learn sport specific technique more readily
  • Recover more quickly from training
  • Overcome negative beliefs
  • Develop signature strengths
  • Focus more intently – Block out distractions
  • Expect success

Would it be alright with you that after your hypnosis sessions you were freely receiving the above, and excited to move forward?

Sports and Psychology Skills Training for Enhanced Performance:

Our mental training and sports performance services are designed to assist Olympic, elite, national, high school, and developing athletes in maximizing their personal, inter-personal, and athletic potential. Together we create a personalized roadmap for success through dynamic and unique experiential exercises and strategies. Having successfully worked with several future Olympians and World Champions, nationally ranked collegiate athletes in multiple team and individual sports, as well as at the Youth Sport level, I am confident that in learning our Sport Performance Curriculum, coupled with your enhanced ability to empower yourself through hypnosis, that you too will achieve a “”world-class” performance, and experience your “Olympic moment”, however you choose to define it.

Typically, worry, fear, self-doubt and self-criticism are an athlete’s worst enemies. Ironically, these are self-created and self-imposed! Our sport performance strategies, and hypnotic techniques, will move you beyond these imagined obstacles and enable you to amplify and utilize your vast storehouse of potential. We begin by focusing on your unique strengths, vividly re-call your past successes (Mastery Experiences) and then assist you in using your new found skills and strategies in partnership with your imagination to create your future in advance.

  • Eliminate fear and self-doubt
  • Effectively manage your thoughts
  • Maximize your focus and concentration skills
  • Get in the Zone, and stay there!
  • Enhance your self-esteem and confidence
  • Recover from injury more quickly
  • Re-capture your sense of joy, passion, and fun
  • Go beyond your perceived limitations.

Questions or want to get started? Call or email for a free 20 minute (PLUS) consultation to see if hypnosis could be right for you. Assuming a positive commitment from both client and coach, we will move directly into our first minute session.


“I have learned how to develop positive energy and use that energy to achieve my potential. You’ve really helped me put all aspects of my life in perspective.” – Ivy League Swimmer