Clinical and Sport Hypnosis

Developing mental skills for performance (athletic, arts), habit control, weight loss, injury rehabilitation, and self-confidence is an important strategy for enjoying a life well lived. Hypnosis can be an excellent, and effective method for attaining such goals. Contrary to popular notions of an hypnotic state (now, act like a chicken!), the process for engaging in a trance-like state is actually quite common. For example, have you ever been driving in a car, and suddenly realize you are already at your destination? That is a trance-like state!

The role of the clinical or sport hypnosis practitioner is to act as a personal guide to assist you in by-passing your conscious understanding (worry, self-doubt, to do lists) and deeply connect with your innate ability to grow and heal on your own. One of the more important outcomes of an hypnotic trance state is an increased ability to use your imagination, and see possibilities that you may have never even considered. The process is simple, flexible, and personalized. Benefits include;

Enhanced Imagination

Increased confidence

Mobilized Energy

Increased Motivation

Inner-Strength Development

For, athletic performance, the arts, smoking cessation, weight loss, pain management, injury rehabilitation….The list is endless!

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