Anxiety Management

We are all living in the “age of anxiety.” Social anxiety, test anxiety, sports and performance anxiety…the list goes on. In fact, debilitating anxiety is now the #1 complaint of adolescents and young adults! Why is this so? One reason is that we are all being, or feel we are being, constantly evaluated. As a result we end up evaluating ourselves on every measure. Grades, SAT/ACT/GMAT/GRE scores, college admission, sports performance, saying or posting the right thing, etc…We may then tend to assign our self-worth based on how we perform, or on how others tell us we performed. Good performance, good person; bad performance, bad person. These cognitive evaluations lead to negative self-talk that eventually become self-fulfilling prophecies…and a living hell. Our coaching will take a “top-down, bottom-up” approach to managing, and working with, your anxiety*. This approach is based on a whole-person/mind-body philosophy in that our thoughts (top) influence our body (bottom) and vice versa. In developing strategies that address both cognitive (self-talk) and physiological symptoms you will learn to make anxiety work for you.

“You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you.”                                                                                                                                                            Millman  

Questions or want to get started? Call or email me at or 85-698-4905 *Some forms, causes, and degrees of felt anxiety require the services of a licensed therapist. If this is deemed to be the case I will refer you to appropriate resource persons.