ADD/ADHD Coaching

Oftentimes a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD brings with it conflicting reactions. On one hand, a sense of profound relief may be experienced as one learns for perhaps the first time that there is now a brain-based explanation for how, and why, they interact in the world the way that they do. On the other hand, a “diagnosis” may lead to feelings of guilt, shame, or self-doubt. While a diagnosis is an important first step it is only ½ of the equation! My coaching is designed to help you understand and honor your diagnosis, and work with it to maximize your gifts and talents. In effect, to view your ADD/ADHD as a collection of unique personal characteristics (rather than simply a diagnosis), that can profoundly enhance your life! Together, we take a three step approach:

  1. Identify your personal strengths- what makes you unique, impactful, and human. Then, we explore ways in which you can continue to manifest these strengths in the world.
  2. Examine your uniqueness through the lens of your ADD/ADHD. This will include addressing both the traits that can, and have, held you back (procrastination, organization, managing your time, not completing assignments, frustration tolerance, etc…) as well as the many benefits that can, and have, come from having an ADD brain (creativity, energy, enthusiasm, engagement with life, unique brilliance, humor, passion, originality, etc…)
  3. Cultivate your strengths, interests, and talents (often unrecognized or under-developed) to address what holds you back, and what can, and will, enable you to thrive.

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