Academic Motivational Coaching

What can Academic Motivational Coaching Do For You?


Executive Function Training

What are Executive Functions?

Executive functions are those mental skills that help the brain organize information, plan in advance, store and remember new information, and set goals for achievement. Finally, executive functioning involves initiating plans, adjusting to difficulties, and seeing things through to completion.

Adolescents and young adults may be prone to weaknesses in executive functioning as a result of genetics, ADHD, personal life challenges, or a lack of awareness regarding their inherent ability to meet challenges and overcome obstacles. We combine both mental skills training with deep learning strategies that will allow your son or daughter to maximize their classroom experience and increase their self-esteem. How?

Self-Regulation Strategies

What is self-regulation?

Self-regulation can best be described as an ongoing cognitive and emotional feedback loop in which we all plan, organize, and adapt to challenges and obstacles. Dr. Tim Cleary has described this feedback loop as our ability to “regulate and adapt.” One of the major reasons why young people struggle more than previous generations with their ability to self-regulate emotions and successfully meet new challenges is because our culture has stopped asking them to focus on process (what it takes to get there), and seems only interested in outcomes (being there). As a result, when our children encounter challenges, they do not have the requisite skills or confidence to overcome them.

Our individual sessions begin by accepting your child wherever she or he is, followed by an assessment of his or her executive functioning and self-regulation skills. Our mental training and learning strategies are then employed as we create an individualized approach for each student’s academic and personal success. The feedback loop proceeds as follows:

  1. Planning and goal setting – Creating a vision
  2. Improved motivation and self-confidence
  3. Control and self-awareness during the activity
  4. Managing set-backs and overcoming obstacles
  5. Evaluation and positive feedback
  6. Repeat!

Deep Learning

How do we learn best?

Learning is much more than simply memorizing facts and spitting them back out on a test or quiz. Research confirms that students whose main goal is to simply get through their assignments as quickly as possible miss out on the joy and fun of learning, and therefore decrease their passion for learning in general. Our Academic Motivational Coaching begins by asking students to examine the areas where they are already “experts.” These topics may range from sports, comics, video games, technology, movies and television, music, animals, or specific academic subjects. Truly, the list of possibilities is endless, and we do not rest until your child recognizes and acknowledges their success ability!

By tying together the attitudes and behaviors that lead to deep learning we can begin to examine the concepts of best practices in learning and memory storage (see executive functioning and self-regulation). We call this step “Move to Greatness.” From here we support our students with strategies that maximize learning in the shortest amount of time by teaching them how to move new knowledge from short-term into long-term memory.

The third step in our process allows us to follow our students lead in determining what subject areas, and pieces of knowledge, resonate most deeply for them. We then challenge them to expand their horizons while simultaneously building their self-confidence. This, in turn, leads to more joy, passion, and fun with learning, and therefore, increased motivation.

Questions or want to get started?

Parents and young adults over 18 can call me (585)-698-4905 or email me at so we can see if having an Academic Motivational Coach is right for you. We offer FREE 20 minute (PLUS) sessions. Coaching can take place in my office, over the phone, or via skype.

Pete Thompson is currently the Director of Academic Excellence and Student Success at NYCC where he specializes in student learning, motivation, and resilience.


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