Academic Coaching to learn the most in the least amount of time

What the Best Students Do

Learning is much more than simply memorizing facts and spitting them back out on a multiple choice or short answer exam. In fact, students whose main goal is to simply get through the assignment, miss out on the joy of learning that particular subject, and decrease their passion for learning in general. We start our work with students by examining the areas that they are already “experts” in. These topics range from sports, to video games, to technological puzzles, the arts, music, television show characters, etc…The list is virtually endless, and everyone is an expert in something!

By tying together the attitudes and behaviors that lead to deep learning, we begin to examine the concepts of best practices in learning and memory storage. We call this step; “Moving to Greatness.” From here we support our students to maximize their learning in the shortest period of time by utilizing empirically based strategies for moving new knowledge into long-term memory. These steps are short in duration, thus enabling our students to self-regulate their actions, leading to more success and more confidence.

Finally, we follow our student’s lead in determining what subject areas, and pieces of knowledge, that resonate most deeply for them, and then challenge them to make connections and expand their horizons! Once accomplished, all learning is FUN, and LIFELONG!