Pete’s Story

Welcome to! Here, you’ll find all of the resources you need to learn how I can help you or your child. From adolescent life coaching to sport and performance psychology strategies to hypnosis to swimming technique, I have over thirty years of experience in supporting adolescents and athletes to be their best self. Not only am I experienced, I can relate….

As a 7th grader with feet too big, legs too long, and a crackling voice, I was subject to much teasing from my “friends.” One afternoon I had enough and took a swing at the person closest to me. As fate would have it, my principal just happened to be standing right there. Lucky me! So I found myself in his office, crying, desperately wanting everyone to like me, and for this situation to just go away. To my surprise, he chose not to discipline, but to listen. Really listen. I felt heard, accepted, and respected. It changed the way I saw the world.

I knew that I wanted to give back. I earned a Master’s degree in Counseling and Human Relations from Villanova University, and a Clinical Hypnosis certificate from the Milton Erickson Institute of Philadelphia. I became a secondary school counselor, happily serving in that role for ten years. My objective every day was to listen. Really listen as I supported young people through their joys and sorrows, self-doubt, conflict, frustration, pressurized expectations, struggles, and endeavors. It was the most rewarding experience I have ever had.

Transitioning to teaching and coaching at the collegiate level provided me with additional opportunities to positively impact young people both in and out of the pool. The opportunity to have  taught and mentored future doctors, educators, attorneys, PhD’s, engineers ( and all-around amazing people!) as well as to have coached two future Olympians, numerous National qualifiers, All-Americans, and team and individual champions has been an amazing blessing in my life. It was their self directed motivation, and pursuit of excellence, that inspired me every day.

Teaching and learning is a two way street. It is what motivated me to form Thompson Coaching and Development Group, and to pursue my doctorate in Human Development and Motivation. I hope you enjoy everything this site has to offer, including compelling research, newsletters, and information on our services. Also, check out our client list and the testimonials in this section, as well as helpful links along the top of this page. If you want to learn more, give me a call at (585)-698-4905, email to or visit the “Contact Pete” section. I would be honored to hear your story, and help you find, or continue on, your path to excellence!


University of Rochester Warner School of Education and Human Development: Ed.D Candidate. Thesis centers on Positive Psychology applications for adolescents.

Villanova University: MS in Counseling and Human Relations. PA certified School Counselor with ten years experience

University of Richmond: BA Psychology

Additional Training

Milton Erickson Institute of Philadelphia: 100 hours of training in Clinical Hypnosis

International Coaching Federation: Board Certified Life Coach

Certified Trainer for Trainers in Conflict Resolution and Mediation

American Swimming Coaches Association Level IV Certification

Coaching Experience

14 NCAA Division III All-American performances

 2 Co-Sida Academic All-Americans

 2 Future Olympians

 5x Coach of the Year for NCAA and Philadelphia Region

Former Clients include…

Delaware Investments, Johns Hopkins University, University of Rochester, Ursinus College, Niagara University, Garnet Valley School District, Lower Moreland School District, Octorara Area School District, Marple-Newtown School District, Upper Main Line YMCA, Phoenixville YMCA, Oxford School District, Bryn Mawr School for Girls, Kennet Area YMCA, The Haverford School, Suburban Swim Center, Perkiomen Valley School District, Pennsylvania Swimming Coaches Association, Two future Olympians as well as students and athletes from Division I,II, and III colleges, high school and middle school staff and students, age group athletes in numerous sports including swimming, diving, gymnastics, basketball, figure skating, track and field, golf, softball, baseball, tennis, and field hockey.


“Pete is one of the greatest people I have ever met. His confidence in me and in my ability allowed me to reach goals I never thought were possible. Pete never put a limit on what I was capable of and has always been someone I could turn to for support and encouragement or if I ever need someone to listen or provide guidance in everyday life so I can live happier and healthier. I feel blessed that I met Pete and have had the opportunity to work with him.”

                    – Lauren Bailey, NCAA Division III All-American Swimmer & Academic All-American, University of Rochester

“When I first met Pete in 2008 I had no idea that years later I would consider him one of the most important and powerful mentors in my life. I cannot recommend Pete highly enough. His professional voice would be a valuable resource for anyone wishing to improve confidence, self-esteem, athletic performance, happiness, and motivation in life.”

                   -Val Atwood, NCAA Division III Academic All-American, University of Rochester, University of Texas, Austin.

“Pete has an unusual depth of passion, knowledge, insight, empathy, and vision. He cares deeply (and) sets high standards leavened with humor and understanding for those who strive to do their best. You would be hard pressed to find a better coach.”

                 -Terry Platt, PhD, Nationally ranked Masters Swimmer

“I learned how to develop positive energy and use that energy to achieve my potential. You’ve really helped me put all aspects of my life in perspective”

                    -Susan Edwards, Dartmouth College/UMLY

“Through Pete’s guidance I became a stronger leader and swimmer, and he enhanced my ability to manage my time and relationships on and off the pool deck. He helped me to realize my full potential and motivated me to achieve my goals.”

                  -Adam Bossert, CoSIDA NCAA Academic All-American, University of Rochester

“Peter Thompson’s talk to our team was outstanding. He spoke our team’s language and his presentation was very well received by all team members and coaches. I look forward to bringing Peter back next year.”

                 -George Kennedy, Johns Hopkins University. 5x NCAA Coach of the Year. Fortune Magazines Top 50 Leaders in 2013.

“It’s great. This course is a lot of help. I feel more focused, and know what I want to get out of my performance.”

                  -Ryan Kolynych, Student, grade 9, Emory University

“You had so many amazing and encouraging ideas to share with us. I am definitely more positive and focused about what I am able to do and accomplish.”

                    -Sarah Reed, Syracuse University/UMLY/University of Delaware

“Pete has taught me a completely different way to live. He taught me how to believe in myself, to hold my head up high and remain confident…He is more than a coach. He has enabled me to grow as a person.”

                  -Lauren Tierney, Valedictorian, Garnet Valley High School/Ithaca College

“Time after time Mr. Thompson has availed himself to be that “bridge over troubled water” for my daughter. He helped her surface her own self worth in realizing her individuality. He has a way of helping one re-build self-esteem and helping one believe in oneself.”

                   -Bonnie Dixon, Parent, Octorara Area School District

“Kudos to an outstanding in-service yesterday. The content of your presentation and the effective way you involved staff were impressive. Your methods and modeling were exemplary.”

                   -Marjorie DelBello, Ed.D. Assistant Superintendent, GVSD

“Pete is a coach, a colleague, a teacher, a counselor, and he even finds the right time to be a friend. He is honest, dedicated, and confident, both in himself and in the people he surrounds himself with.”

                    -Lindsey Glah, JD. Villanova University

“On numerous occasions I found myself speaking to Pete about personal dilemma’s and relying on his wisdom and advice. It is rare to find a coach who genuinely respects and is concerned with each individual. Pete will grace you with his positive attitude, encouragement and passion.”

                    -Jennifer Nolan, MD

“I feel I’m a better person for what you have taught me. Without your support I don’t think I would have made it to where I am now”

                    -Stacey Haddock

“Being coached by Pete Thompson was truly a privilege. His techniques were instrumental in helping me achieve my potential as an athlete and I benefitted enormously from our discussions about team work, confidence, and getting in a state of flow.”

                  -Chris Fredrickson, University of Rochester ’14

“In my experience as both the coordinator of the department and as a supervisor of counseling interns, no one with whom I have come in contact surpasses Peter’s counseling and consultation skills.”

                   -Catherine Cepis, Director of Guidance, GVSD